Smartpeak Technology Co., Ltd, headquartered in Shanghai, specialize in research, design, production, sales and services of AIDC terminals, smart POS terminals, rugged terminals and solutions for enterprises.

Smartpeak owns excellent data collection technology and POS payment technology. Not only mobile operation can be realized with low cost, but also management efficiency improved. From the establishment till now, Smartpeak terminals and systems have been widely used in logistics, warehousing, retail, e-business, medical treatment, finance, energy sources, clothing, government, public utilities and other area. 

Smartpeak owns a comprehensive talent team which consisted of experts from many industries like data communication, automatic identification, financial payment, industrial design, human-computer interaction, cloud computing etc., the Mobile Device Management (MDM) which independently researched and developed by Smartpeak are providing the customer with the extensional functions of terminals like safety control, asset management and software upgrade by operating platform.

Smartpeak aspire to be the best enterprise mobile terminal and system provider, to provide our customers with more extensive, high quality and efficient products and services.