Smartpeak help the vehicle distri information in

Source:   Smartpeak                     Date: 2016-01-11

Project background

With the continuous development of Kerry Group's business, the benefits of Kerry Group vehicles and transportation and storage are still using the traditional manual management mode, the vehicle in a distribution and storage of goods when the manual accounting records information operations, to work after entry to the storage system, and warehousing and distribution as the core link of the logistics supply chain, must have the capability of quick response. In the face of the business, the rapid development of the situation, put forward the arduous challenge to the benefits of Kerry group.

Demand survey

Through the investigation of the existing warehouse and distribution operation mode, there are the following problems in the present work mode:
Distribution process can not be monitored in real time:
The traditional distribution mode can not realize the on-line monitoring, the distribution of the vehicle when the departure, when the arrival can not predict, increasing the difficulty of management
Work efficiency is low, manual bookkeeping is easy to make mistakes:
In the traditional work mode, manual mode is used to record the operation data, and it is easy to make mistakes, which greatly delay the work efficiency.
The data can not be timely return, serious lag:
Field work data need to be manually entered into the platform, no longer work can not be timely return, so that management can not be timely check the operation of the warehouse

System function description

With many years of experience in the industry, the intelligent terminal is the carrier, combined with the intelligent terminal App application. In the process of receiving the goods, it can be used to scan the bar code, the operating data is uploaded in real time, and the whole process is monitored, which makes the whole process data is transparent, and the management decision-making layer increases the transparency.
Vehicle delivery staff: the goods loaded into the vehicle, one by one scanning the bar code, data uploaded to the background in time, real-time route monitoring, making the entire logistics and distribution operations in information technology
Receiving staff: vehicle cargo delivery to the warehouse door, the staff can use the terminal to scan cargo bar code, enter the storage location code, click on the "storage", received the goods data in time to upload to the background
Management decision-making: by the full delivery process monitoring, management decision-making layer can be real-time monitoring, making the operation management more transparent